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For Sale or trade

Cedar Strip Freedom Solo
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15'3" Freedom Solo for sale. Hull is northern White Cedar & Redwood, Ash gunwales with mahogany decks fore and aft. Gunnels cap the hull rather than sandwiching the hull that most builders do. Ash stems were wearing so stripped the hull, added two layers of cloth and tape to the stems, added an extra layer of epoxy to the hull and finished with several layers of varnish (with UV protection) and a matte finish.

Asking $1,800, a damned good price for any cedar strip canoe as I want to build a new solo and need the room. It is used so there is wear of course, but it has been impeccably maintained.

It is about 37 pounds, Max beam = 30", beam at gunnel = 26.2", center depth = 12", bow height = 17.5, stern height = 14.2", displacement @ 3" = 220 lb. Design by Steve Killing.

The Freedom 15" 3" Solo is the result of a unique project initiated in the spring of 2006. Steve Killing had been considering a new solo tripping canoe design and, coincidentally, discussions on the Bear Mountain internet builders' forum were about a similar boat. As an experiment, Steve decided to poll the opinions of paddlers and builders as he designed the boat. Predictably, opinions varied, but did so about a common theme. The boat, they felt, should be short, light, medium tracking and therefore medium maneuverability, low freeboard, narrow, and offered in two lengths. The unique chined approach to tumblehome was accepted (by most) as a good solution. Attractive, and relatively easy to build, the result is a fine solo boat which will require at least intermediate paddling skills due to its lower than average stability.

My notes - It was a demanding build with asymmetry in every dimension. If this is lower than average stability, then average stability will allow you to dance the tango in a boat on the water. It is a solid performing boat that firms up nicely when leaned. Made for tripping but I want a slightly shorter, narrower boat with a lower displacement and wetted surface area for day use. I have the plans and forms if you want those.
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