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Trip Reports

Aug 22 - Golden Cedar River Cleanup

 | Published on 8/22/2018

August 22, 2018

Gladwin Community Golden Cedar River Cleanup

W/ Gladwin Conservation District

& Little Forks Conservancy

The Gladwin - Cedar River Cleanup went as expected.

There was a good turnout of dedicated people and no one else.

The Gladwin Bus system and City Park was wonderful and it worked exactly
as we expected.

2/17 of our volunteers or 12% failed to arrive.  I expected 15% no shows.

However, 4 people came that I didn't expect and they were very pivotal to
the success of the trip.

No one got lost or tipped over.

The volunteers that did come brought the right stuff and we had
no problems.

No one was injured or had any medical problems.

We took a lot of trash out of the river.  Maybe 150 to 200 pounds.  

The river was quite clean as compared to previous years.

The river was low and that made it a little difficult at times but we persevered.

Everyone learned how to do these cleanups and what special tools we will
need next time.

I think we all had a great time and we all expressed a desire to continue this annual project as a community event.

My thanks to Ted, Elan and Mike and all the volunteers for a fun and productive day.

All the photos I took can be found here.

Use them as you like.

I will post this in an internal report on our website soon.

Norm Fred