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September 15 - Fall Downtown Boardman Cleanup

 | Published on 9/15/2018

Saturday September 15, 2018

Goodwill Homeless Outreach / BRCS / TAPC  River Cleanup

*** = What the outcome was:

There were a lot of screw ups today like Tom and John didn't make it to the photo session.

But we still were able to get a lot done and the river never looked better.

First, there was a 9/11 run going on downtown which made it difficult for us to get to the putin.

Second, many streets were blocked off, so we couldn't do the shuttle easily.

Third, the two homeless guys who came to help had been drinking and they got lost.
We saw them once more and then they disappeared without a trace.

***We had told them to meet us at Kids Creek. They ended up going to Kids Creek
over by the Ace Hardware and they waited until 2:00 o'clock while having a few beers.

Fourth, the radio I gave to one of the homeless guys never got returned.
I expect to get it back someday. It was one of the cheap Walkie-talkies.

*** I got the radio back on Monday when Rick came to help with the follow up.

Fifth, I forgot to call the City to pick up the trash but I got the director on his
cell phone and he said it was ok to leave the trash at the boat ramp.

Sixth, John could not get his car to the shuttle but we figured it out
when we got the Holiday Inn.

Seventh, The weir was closed. But the river was high and the portage was easy.

Eighth, Tom Auer found a mound of homeless debris on the river walk but it was
very wet so he hung it up to dry.  Hopefully, we'll get it on Monday.

*** We did get to it on Monday. Jaquie and Rick came down and we took care of it.

Ninth, there was a Fund Raiser Walk from the Civic Center to the Open Space at
lunch time that slowed our lunch plans.

Tenth, Jocelyn got her wires crossed and ended up at the BK instead of the KFC
which made her a little late for lunch but it didn't really matter.

Eleventh, John found a wallet and we had to call the Safe Harbor manager to
see if he knew the owner, which he did and we will get it back to the
owner on Monday.  Good work, John!

*** I found a person who knew the wallet's owner and I also got a call from  one of the
owner's relatives.  The wallet was returned on Monday.

We noticed the bridge over West Front Street is in very bad repair.
The re-rod is falling out of the top layers of cement in several places
and bulges are appearing on the surfaces along the seams. 
We took several photos of this bridge. Look at all the photos to
get a good idea of the damage it has sustained.

I will report this to the City.

*** I got an email from the City Manager.  He reported that the bridge is
scheduled to be replaced in the near future.

Terry and Jocelyn won the prize for the most trash found.

Max had fun and so did we.

Our lunch at KFC was great and everyone left feeling full and happy.

The downtown river section has never looked better.

Look for all the photos here:

Respectfully submitted:

Norm Fred