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Trip Reports

July 31 Manistee, Hodenpyl to Red Bridge

Jim Cooper  | Published on 7/31/2020
Trip report by Jim Cooper; photos by John Heiam

Eight club members met at the Hodenpyl Dam site for a great weather day and a great day for river paddling. We saw quite a few fisherman, paddlers, hikers and coolers at the starting spot also.  Kayak and car transportation was quickly accomplished and we were on our way. 


This was only my third time with the club and my first time with this group except for Harold. While launching we had to pay particular attention to the fisherman’s casting line, especially how far back behind them it traveled. 


Despite the currents I witnessed no intentional or unintentional 360s. But like life, our straightforward paddling often resulted in quick 90 degree turns left or right. John took some fine pics of the wildlife. We either saw 4 or 5 Herons or the same Heron 4 or 5 times!

After a lunch stop Harold and Gerald swapped canoes for a bit. I think they each decided that they preferred their own the best.


The take out spot was all ours so kayaks and folks were quickly on their way home. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with the veteran club members.

Note from Lois: Others along were me, Susan, Deena and Linda P
Shortly after we launched this doe and fawn were seen getting a drink.

Harold in his new canoe

A beautiful day on the river

A great blue heron