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For Sale or trade

Fiberglass Necky Elaho DS (Drop Skeg) For Sale
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Fiberglass Sea Kayak - Necky Elaho DS

$650 obo

Contact Laura


Fiberglass Necky Elaho DS. Aluminum Drop Skeg. Double Diamond hull for maneuverability. Low rear deck for layback rolls. Trademark Necky Dolphin bow.

This is a beautiful boat. I've become too chubby to feel comfortable in the cockpit, embarrassing but true. I'm also been getting more into canoeing, and would be happy if this beauty could find a new home.

Comes with cockpit cover, Werner paddle and waterproof covers for the storage. The boat's long length, narrow width, and lightweightness makes it very hydrodynamic and very quick.

The ugly bits:

The backrest for the kayak seat was cut out by the previous owner. I have it for you if you would like to reinstall it. I preferred kayaking without it.

Kayak has superficial scratches to topside gel coat, and some deeper scratches and chips in the bottom gel coat. No harm to the fiberglass itself. No leaking. Scratches consistent with normal use. Could use some epoxy over those chips though, and then sanded down.

You can see in the picture that the paddle clip behind the cockpit has a broken prong. It still works, but I rarely used it since I didn't have a second paddle.

The boat weighs around 49 lbs, is 22" wide, and is 15'10" long. This model, the DS (Drop Skeg), has an aluminum skeg that drops down from the stern, controlled by a small line and cleat next to the cockpit. Dropping the skeg makes the kayak track straight.

The boat is located in Glen Arbor.

Please feel free asking questions. Also, I'd recommend googling this particular model and reading some of the reviews. She has low, sleek freeboard, is very stable and is an incredibly nimble and nicely tracking boat.

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