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Trip Reports

June 1 "How to Buy a Kayak" class

 | Published on 6/1/2017
We had a gorgeous wind-free day to meet up with a group of 18 folks who wanted to learn about purchasing a kayak that would serve their individual purposes.  John & Lois brought along 4 boats, including one they had borrowed from a neighbor.  That way they could illustrate the differences in the various kayaks, from the standpoint of length, width, comfort of the seat, bulkheads, weight and price.  They also had a variety of paddles to pass around, from the ones that weigh six pounds to the beginner models to the pricier ones you buy after you understand the value of carbon fiber.  As usual, there is an inverse relationship between weight and price. 

The students were taking notes like crazy!  Lois demonstrated getting into a kayak on East Bay (the location was the Senior Center Beach) and paddling around a bit.  John once again held his own by encouraging everyone to spend their own money - he's good at that!  The class ended up lasting 1.5 hours, and everyone said they had learned a lot.  Next up: the Intro to Kayaking class on the evening of June 13, where they will spend 3 hours focusing on all the other info you need to love this activity as much as they do!