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Trip Reports

June 4 Manistee from 131 to Baxter

 | Published on 6/4/2017

A great day on the Manistee began with Doug and Anne Cole meeting Lois Goldstein and John Heiam in TC to yak-pool to the put-in.  Thanks to John for navigating the treacherous Arbutus Triangle.   All participants arrived early, obviously anxious to take advantage of a gorgeous day.  

A cloudless blue sky and pleasant temperatures greeted the group.  Special thanks to Marv for running the shuttle.   Upon return of the shuttle, it was everyone into the water, with a easy and quick put-in.  Lois and Anne led out, with Lindy, Dee, Linnaea, and Marlene following, and John, Doug, and Other Doug bringing up the rear.  The wide river and moderate current made for easy side-by-side and even three-wide paddling, allowing for a relaxing paddle and casual conversation.  Many stories were told and new acquaintances were made.  The weather warmed up as morning turned to early afternoon. 

By the time we stopped for lunch, a little wade in the river was quite refreshing.  Lois selected a lunch spot along the NCT on a high bank with welcome shade and a great view up and down the river.  After lunch we continued at a leisurely pace with John leading and Lois sweeping.  Doug B soon alerted the group to “a hawk or something ahead.”  Suddenly, a bald eagle swooped out of the trees on the upper bank, crossed the river a couple of hundred feet downstream, then continued downriver and out of sight.   What an impressive sight to behold! 

The temperature continued rising in the afternoon, but a welcome breeze arrived just at the right time to keep us comfortable. We mostly had the river to ourselves, seeing only a couple of people on shore and one couple trolling upriver in a flat bottom fishing boat.  We arrived at the Baxter Bridge take-out and Lois wondered what happened to all the trees that used to be there.  While taking out, Doug C spotted a small northern water snake, which he understands to be harmless unless it startles you and causes you to trip over your kayak.  What a wonderful day on the river!

Trip report by Doug C; photos by John
Photos below:
1. Marlene, Doug B, Lindy
2. Group on the river
3. Linnaea
4. Anne and Doug C
5. Lois