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Trip Reports

June 13 Intro to Kayaking class

 | Published on 6/13/2017
Three hours of knowledge and nobody left; we never stopped talking.  Lots of gear, lots of jokes, lots of excellent questions.  New location at the Senior Center - an excellent venue.  Below is the full trip report written by Camilla's grandson Austin Mayer, age 14. 

I attended my very 1st US Coast Guard Auxiliary Paddle Safety Course on June 13th.  I was actually on my way to a 3 day trip on the Inland Seas Young Men in STEM Program.  I've never had a safety training and this seemed to be very appropriate, since I would be on the boat for three days.  I thought any boating safety tips would come in handy for this trip.


The course had many good tips that I wouldn't have even thought of.  We learned how to properly get in and out of a kayak, what to wear in different types of weather and what to bring on a trip, clothing should be of a synthetic wear.  We also learned about the importance of a dry bag and what should be in that bag.  We had a chance to check out different styles of paddles which was cool because they were so different.  We went outside and learned how to load and unload a kayak safely and the different kinds of carriers.  We ended the class with questions and answers and then had a slide show of the different activities that the Paddle Club has participated in.


Lois & John made the class very fun, they had funny personal stories and they had so much information to share.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in kayaking at any experience level.


Thanks Lois & John for all the great info. I feel I will be able to keep up with my Mema (grandmother) in our kayaking adventures.

Austin Mayer

Photos courtesy of Coast Guard Auxiliary
Gathering outside to discuss boat loading and paddles

Here's how a spray skirt works

Don't drop the paddle as you get in or out of the kayak

Time to load this baby on top of the car

Here's how to hold the paddle, and we don't recommend feathering.  Also, there's an inverse relationship between the weight of the paddle and its cost

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