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Trip Reports

August 12 Pigeon River from Webb to Afton Road

 | Published on 8/12/2017
Trip report is by Tracie, because she volunteered when nobody else would
Photos by John, Jocelyn and Glenn
After hearing about this trip over the last few years, I finally made it! I'm so happy that I got the chance to go. The weather was great, not too hot or too sunny, & warm enough to get in the water when needed. We dropped boats by the roadside, drivers ran the shuttle while those of us remaining behind moved boats one at a time down the bank & tied them up to tree roots. The put-in had a nice eddy so the launch of our group went well. The river was at a decent level with the recent rains. No major issues were encountered throughout the first 60% of the trip.
                         THEN THE GATES OF HELL WERE REACHED.
We wandered through a demon log, dead tree & sweeper filled miasma section for the next 20%. It took team work and all our skills to negotiate. This was followed by the last 20% of rock dodging and bottom scraping before the river ultimately spit us out. Dirty, sweaty, wet, with twigs, leaves & crawly things on our persons &/or boats. But satisfied grins on our faces that we conquered all the obstacles the mighty Pigeon threw at us. It was a 100% wonderful day!

The start
The Pigeon is a pretty river with no crowds

The problems start

All the late summer flowers were in bloom including my favorite, the cardinal flower.

Glenn helps Lois over a log a little too big to charge over.

Jocelyn finds an alternative route