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Trip Reports

August 20 - West GT Bay to see Columbus' ships

Published on 8/20/2017
Report by Lois, photos by Jocelyn

It was agreed that paddling our kayaks was preferable to crossing the ocean in those tiny boats!  Jocelyn, Tracie, Linda P, Jackie and Lois launched at 10 AM at Bryant Park, paddled west to a short break at West End Beach, and then back.  When we entered the harbor area to observe the Nina and Pinta up close, we were chased out by the "authorities".  Apparently no kayaks are allowed there, though there is no sign telling you that.  We're not sure who owns the water, but we turned around and skedaddled out.  It was a nice day with light winds, so the trip was a success.  Bryant Park was pretty crowded when we returned at noon, so we were glad we had gotten out early.  It was a pleasant little trip, but not one I would do often - a few too many boats out.  Good in the early morning.

Jocelyn was in her canoe with Max, and got this shot of Jackie, Tracie, Lois and Linda approaching the Pinta.

Linda thought about adding this to her personal fleet, but wasn't sure it would fit in her garage.  Lois preferred her kayak.

When the trip was over, we found some hunky guys to help us load boats.

Tracie got help from Dennis. 
He offered to help haul her kayak in exchange for her parking spot.

We all went out for lunch at Denny's, where we were joined by a token male, John.