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Trip Reports

August 29 Pine Cleanup, Dobson to Peterson

 | Published on 8/29/2017
Trip report by Lois, photos by John & Jocelyn

It wasn't a big group, but it was a great group of experienced river-pickers: Jocelyn, Tom, Woody, Marlene, Tracie, John & me (Lois).  We used all our skills of leaning into log jams, ferrying across the swift currents (both upstream and down), avoiding sand bars and rock gardens, and climbing up on riverbanks.  We retrieved a myriad of unopened cans of beer and other assorted alcoholic drinks.  At one point, John decided to open a bunch of them underwater, while I sat in the canoe in a log jam.  Jocelyn complained that we smelled like beer, but fortunately, we were able to wash our gloves in the stream some distance away.

Quote of the day: At lunchtime, we were discussing the virtues of different kinds of river shoes, and several of us mentioned that we preferred Chacos.  One of our group then chimed in that the best place to get them was at one of the downtown TC food trucks.  Only problem, he was talking about TACOS!  And speaking of food, Max the dog turned down carrots from two of us, but was perfectly happy to indulge in bread dipped in river water.

We had lovely weather, though the drive down involved a bit of fog.  Still, we all arrived on time and were happy to use the complimentary shuttle from Pine River Paddlesports Center, plus their loaner canoe for John & me.  It's really nice not to have to take our own boat!

We found the usual assortment of beverage containers, a nice beach towel, some clothing, including the "heart and sole" shoes that Tracie nabbed with us.  There were several "motherlodes", and just when you thought you had picked up everything, someone else would arrive to notice even more goodies.  Tom & Woody continue to amaze us with their climbing abilities.  It's hard to say who is more agile, Jocelyn or the tag team of retired physicians.

We were done by 2:30, and job well done, and Marlene's sweetie was there to take our final Kodak moment.  Will we ever find the Pine clean?  I'm not sure, but at least we can say we make a difference, and all the other river users today expressed their gratitude.  It's a good thing!

At the start at Dobson Bridge - sitting: Jocelyn, Max & Lois, standing: Tracie, John, Marlene, Tom, Woody, and Jake Miltner, our shuttle driver and canoe hauler extraordinaire

Jocelyn (age 77) getting into it, while Max (age 17) looks so helpful

She finally got what she was hunting for!

Gnome rock cairns

Canned peas left on shore, next to a broken liquor bottle filled with wet sand - yuck!


Tom never read the instructions about standing up in a canoe.
Notice Woody holding on, as if that would save him.

Lois has lost John out of the canoe, but she found some bait along the way

One of many full cans of alcoholic drinks - this one was huge - and peach flavored.
8% alcohol

Collecting and merging at Peterson