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Trip Reports

October 1 Chain of Lakes

 | Published on 10/1/2017

Thurston Park, Central Lake to Torch Lake with sea kayaks.

After a hardy breakfast, dropping off shuttle and portage vehicles, we put in at Thurston Park in Central Lake, paddling to Torch Lake. Ron and Glenn both checked the weather reports early that morning - even checked it out on the way to the put in. Sunny, warm, north east wind, under 5 mph…. WRONG! As we launched we headed to the east side of the lake, where we encountered pretty strong south headwinds… Waves of about 1 foot at times… Lots of joking on WHO checked the weather reports and how wrong they were.

But off we went. We were making pretty good time, even having to paddle into the wind and waves. Two of us stayed pretty dry since we used spray decks, one - well he had a little bit of water in his kayak. Once we entered the rivers we were ok and made even better time…  A quick stop in Bellaire Park for lunch and a much needed nap, while the “boys" checked the river on the other side of the dam to see if you could get down it with a kayak. NOPE! A quick portage with Glenn’s truck and back on the water we go.

Going between beautiful rivers and lakes we didn’t encounter a lot of boat traffic. Going thru the “Grass River” was stunning. At the dock of the “Grass River” a small shallow creek runs into the Grass River.  It looked like a good spot to stop, get out and stretch our legs… Well the “Someone” that didn’t use his spray deck happened to get even more water in his kayak with a “Not so impressive” exit… and yup right into the MUD! I always teased him if he ever went in.. First question is.. Are you ok? When, you get a yes… then you are allowed to laugh.  And yes, he was ok and yes we did laugh…

Back in boats for the “home stretch” to Torch Lake... We did almost 18 miles in a little less than 5 hours. Then, a much needed dinner at the Dockside. It was a great day…