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Trip Reports

Oct 12 - Pine River, Dobson to Low Bridge

 | Published on 10/12/2017

The day started off fine, if a little chilly, with 8 paddlers and sunny skies. We had nice displays of fall color here and there along the river, as well as the usual riffles and rapids this section of the Pine is known for. About 20 minutes before our lunch stop at Peterson Bridge, however, the trip got a little more “interesting.” Linnaea was bringing up the rear, and Lois, right ahead of her, wanted to make sure she got through a tricky passage all right. So Lois, while looking back toward Linnaea, didn’t notice a small submerged stump right ahead of her, and she got stuck on it. The current was strong, which caused Lois to dump her kayak while attempting to dislodge herself. She fell out, lost hold of her paddle, and floated down toward a bank of logs. But we were all nearby, and a multi-faceted rescue effort ensued. John rescued the paddle, and trip leader Sara floated the kayak downstream to empty it of water. On shore from the other side of the river, John then threw a rescue rope to Lois, who caught it and was pulled to safety. Once the helpers downstream got Lois’s kayak empty, John towed it upstream, with Becky helping tow both John and Lois’s kayak by walking upstream in the river. So Lois wasn’t the only one who got wet today!

Other than that, the trip was mostly uneventful. The rapids and riffles were fun and exciting as usual, and it’s always great to be on the river with friends. This will probably be the last Pine trip of the season… but you never know!   
Trip report by Linnaea Melcarek, Photos by Jocelyn Trepte & Sara Cockrell

put-in at Dobson Bridge, Becky, Lois, Sara, Ann, Marlene, John & photographer Jocelyn & Max

John throwing tow rope to Lois

Sara towing water-filled, upside down kayak across Pine River

Becky walking Lois' kayak upstream

wood ducks