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Trip Reports

Manistee 612-72

 | Published on 4/22/2018
Sunny skies & warm temps made for a lovely trip on one of the favorite Manistee sections for a spring paddle. Due to last weekend's snowstorm, plenty of snow was covering the stairs to the launch area on both sides of the road. Two brave souls ventured down the steepest descent to set off from the upstream side of the bridge. The rest of the group slid their boats along the hard packed snow trail to the river on the downstream side. The two groups met up & the adventure began! 
   There were three solo canoes along with five kayaks ebbing & flowing with conversation, pointing out various wildlife (muskrat, geese, deer, woodland birds) & enjoying the glorious sunshine.
   All was harmonious until some folks discovered the snow on the various docks was especially favorable for packing a mean snowball! Then the shenanigans ensued, throwing, catching, depth bombing, & frantically making more ammo. This was an entirely entertaining interlude for all combatants, forward observers, & strategists. Everyone stayed dry, more or less. It was this writer's first time to observe such naval warfare break out on a club trip. A peace accord was reached by the end of the trip with all departing on equitable terms.

Trip Report by
Tracie—Trip Organizer

Pictures & Captions by
Sara—Trip Photographer 

Jackie's trailer, with her kayak, Glenn's canoe, and Ron & Tracie's kayaks

Sara sliding her canoe down snow-covered steps

Jackie, Linda, Ron, Tracie & Marlene (not pictured, Glenn, Bob & photographer Sara)
Glenn in his canoe

Tracie, Marlene, Jackie, Bob, Linda & Ron (not pictured, Glenn & Sara)

Tracie ducking under an overhanging tree

Canada geese

Reflections on the river