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Trip Reports

June 17 - Upper Platte

 | Published on 6/17/2018
What a blast on the Upper Platte with Doug & Lindy Barnes, Jackie Anderson, Tracie Lord, Roseanne Jamrok, Marlene Puska and Jocelyn Trepte. The weather started out a little iffy then warmed up and the sky cleared into a very nice day and by the time we got off the river it had warmed up to the point we were glad the trip was done. That is Northern Michigan for ya. I had brought my new boat for it's maiden voyage and gave Jackie my Remix to try on the trip and she is hooked and is looking for one. Warning Jackie I can be a bad influence with damaging results to your bank account. Doug proceeded to ask her to dance and the twirling of boats began, what fun it was to watch them act like little kids and enjoying the moment. Lindy had a very successful trip which was great to see. Thank you Jocelyn for all the trash removed and pictures taken. And once again thanks to Marv Puska for the shuttle service.
Trip report by Ron Coyne. Photos by Ron Coyne and Jocelyn Trepte

Kayaks and canoes of many colors

One of many spots that were misty

Doug and Jackie dancing and a bird  cuts in Sorry Doug

Doug, Ron and Roseanne

One of many large turtles seen today
Lindy 's 1st time through the tubes

And the leader so far in river find of the year Jackie