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Trip Reports

September 11 Jordan River afternoon

 | Published on 9/11/2018
We had brunch at Shirley's in Mancelona first, used Swiss Hideaway for a shuttle and were on the river by 1:15.  Sparkling sunshine, warm weather, only 3 other river users.  Peaceful and the cedars smelled so good!  Great blue heron escort.

John used a solo canoe for the first time since his wrist surgery.  Glad to know that he had no problems, though the Mohawk Solo 13 was a bit slow on the straight stretches.  It is a fabulous canoe for turning - lots of rocker - so it's very good for cleanups.  It also makes photography easier; see his pictures below.

Though the trip was not billed as a trash-picking journey, Harold could not resist making it his mission.  His hand-made Wee Lassie worked perfectly for nabbing cans and bottles, and his new four foot grabber stick worked superbly.  Besides the usual shoes, empty cans and bottles, he came away with full cans of Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors and ?, plus two unopened bottles of water - I can't remember the brands - Nestle and Polish Spring?

I was in the lead for a while, in my solo Mad River Liberty canoe.  While trying to change positions from kneeling to sitting, my foot got caught on the kneeling bed, and I just flipped out of the boat.  Nothing in the canoe got wet!   Since nobody saw it, and the boat didn’t fill with water, maybe it doesn’t count…sort of like when someone falls in the water as they’re getting out of their kayak - I've seen that happen far too often.  It was actually kind of refreshing.  It was a warm day, so I waited until the next access to change to dry shorts and shirt. 

Harold displays a shoe he picked up. How come we only find single shoes, never a pair? Are there that many one legged paddlers? Or, maybe wearing only one shoe is a fashion statement like wearing one glove.