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Trip Reports

April 28 - Upper Platte

Published on 4/30/2019

Hey All, Thanks to the fab foto snappers for posting the great pics of our adventure on the Upper Platte! No pre trip skuttlebutt could be gathered so we took a deep breath & launched. The river was in good shape overall with only one major impediment which Ron made short work of in exstrordinary fashion.His purchase of a folding buck saw has been well worth the investment this year already.The take out at the lake is a muddy disagreement of a mess so pick the Deadstream take out if you go.  Tracie

Here are a few photos from our reconnoiter on the Upper Platte. Thanks to Tracie for getting us out on this cool but gorgeous day. Jocelyn

Tracie, Jackie, Sara

Ron removes the one major blockage

Pussy Willows in bloom

Tracie shoots through the right hand tube

Jackie's turn

Marsh Marigolds just coming into bloom

We vote this takeout on the lake the worst ... cement blocks both in the water and on land, deep, muddy! We may go back to using Deadstream.

Hungry paddlers at the Platte River Inn -- Glenn, Jackie, Tracie, Ron, Sara

And, a few more photos from Sara Cockrell:
Glenn, Jocelyn & Jackie paddling between tree branches

Jocelyn leading, followed by Tracie, Glenn, Ron & Jackie 

Ron shooting the tubes, riding the waves



Visiting Jim, TAPC & BRCS supporter, in Honor, Jocelyn, Ron, Tracie, Glenn & Jackie