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Trip Reports

June 8 - Betsie River Clean Sweep

 | Published on 6/8/2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Benzie Conservation District / Boardman River Clean Sweep
Betsie River Clean Sweep

We had the biggest crowd ever working for two days on this project.

We could not get everyone to come for the group photo
and people were impatient to get started, so our group
photo is missing more than half the participants.

We ate ALL the pancakes and ALL the sausages that Mike and his mom cooked.

The section we did was from the Homestead Dam to the Campground at US31.

It's about a mile of river.  The group before us took all the cans and bottles
and left the fishing line in the trees for us.  Very thoughtful of them.

We took about 60 pounds of fishing line and hooks out of the trees. 
That's a lot.

We had a few swims and one portage.  I did get to use three bandaides
which I don't like to do but the injuries were not too serious.

Here are the photos from today

I will post any other reports from the other sections if they become available.

Respectfully submitted,

Norm Fred


Dan Hahn added this report:

Thanks for posting, Norm.  It was most difficult to get to some of the snags in the trees.  Hard to hold your position and try to extricate the tangled mess of fishing line, hooks, bobber, and lures at the same time.  I chose to let some litter go as safety always comes first.  I will do it again next year.  Your leadership and extreme dedication for a cleaner environment is an inspiration to me.    Dan Hahn