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Trip Reports

June 22 A Beautiful Summer Day on the Upper Pine River

 | Published on 6/22/2019

The participants were: Lois Goldstein, Gail Hastings, Kent Hawley, John Heiam, Bob Michela, Linda Pelkey, Marlene Puska, Jocelyn Trepte, and Susan Wilgus


It was a perfect early summer day with bright sun, temperatures in the low to middle seventies, and no bugs! The Pine River was running a couple of inches above normal, so most of the rocks in the many riffles were covered. Everyone paddled down the river at their own pace with John and Kent acting as sweep.

Shortly before reaching Upper Skookum, our agreed-upon lunch spot, we spotted a red kayak stuck in a log jam. There was no paddler in sight, so we checked out the kayak to see if we could free it. Kent tried to pull it free while he stayed in his canoe, but that didn’t work. I offered my rescue throw bag filled with 50 ft. of strong floating rope. Kent was able to secure the rope to the front of the kayak. I stood on shore and was able to pull the kayak free by myself. I was even able to get it across the river to the small beach I was standing on. Kent worked on emptying the boat, while Jocelyn called the number on the dry bag still fastened to the kayak. Jocelyn reached the owner of the dry bag and learned she had the accident last weekend when the Pine was running double its normal volume! Kent towed the kayak to Skookum, and Marlene laid out all the wet clothes from the drybag. We told the owner where we would leave the kayak and her clothes.


After that little adventure we had a leisurely lunch, and then proceeded down the river to Walker Bridge where we had left our cars.  Thanks to Val Miltner for the parking area, and to Marv Puska, Kent and Bob for shuttle service. 

Photos of the participants by John
Marv receiving a gas card for doing 15 shuttles









Photos of the kayak rescue by Jocelyn
Kent makes his way to the pinned kayak

Kent attaches the rope, and John starts to pull

The kayak has been freed from the logjam, and John starts to bring it to his side of the river.

Kent, John and Linda start to empty the kayak.

Kent tows the kayak to Upper Skookum.

Swallow Tails have a party

The kayak is brought up to dry land, and the wet clothes from the drybag laid out to dry.

Marlene makes her way through a downed tree after Jocelyn sawed a path.