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July 5 - National Cherry Festival - Boardman River Downtown Cleanup

 | Published on 7/5/2019

National Cherry Festival
Downtown Boardman River Cleanup
Friday, July 5, 2019

The 8 of us had a great day for our annual National Cherry Festival Boardman
River clean Sweep event. It was also my birthday, so I was in a celebratory mood.

The river was so high that the walkways and boat ramps were flooded and the
normally easily pasted barriers like the Weir and bridges were not so easily passed.

The good thing is that with the higher water, we could reach more of the fishing
lines that were high in the overhanging trees.  We took out a lot of
hooks and sinkers.  Some alluded us but not many.

The river was quite clean and we found only two bags of trash and one traffic cone.

Our new trash can at the boat ramp that we placed earlier in mid-June was filled
and the the recycle bin didn't have any trash in it.

I am very happy to report that the trash cans we have placed along the river are
making a big difference in the quality of the river.

This event is sponsored by the National Cherry Festival and the
Great Lakes Commission.

All the photos from this event can be found here:

All Photos

Respectfully Submitted

Norm Fred

PS: The photos of the Corvette at the end of the photo gallery are of my
nephew's new 2019 Corvette which he got this week.  When someone
in my family buys a 100,000.00 car,  I want people to know it.