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Trip Reports

July 14 - Walker to Elm Flats: The Pearl of the Pine

 | Published on 7/14/2019

The verdict was unanimous – Walker to Elm Flats is our favorite stretch of the Pine, all the more so on such a flawless day. Pine River protector Mark Miltner from Pine River Paddlesports Center joined John (one day short of his birthday), Lois, Tracie, Marlene, Kurt, and me (Jocelyn) for, to quote Tracie, “church on the river.”

The pre-birthday boy nabs a can

Mark in scouting position

Tracie harvests a can with her net

Kurt reaches deep

Teamwork on the log jams

Lois scores

Mark finds something unsavory too

Under the arch

Birthday cupcakes all around at lunch 

A couple of creatures sighted along the way - green frog never budged as I took away the nearby trash

Marlene and Lois tie off the booty

Marv does many many of our shuttles throughout the season. Thanks to both Marlene and Marv!

These photos and comments by John
Sometimes you have to get into the bushes to get the good stuff.

Jocelyn is rewarded with a Swiss Army knife and a good aluminum water bottle

Look how clear the water was.

Jocelyn works to free a fishing lure from a snag.

Success! A set of hooks out of the river.

Sometimes it takes a "village" to stab a can that is bouncing along the bottom.

Our haul for the day