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Trip Reports

August 6 Betsie - Homestead Dam to Lewis Bridge (Adams Road)

 | Published on 8/6/2019
It's been a few years since I've paddled this section of the Betsie, and I had forgotten how lovely it is.  Lots of shade most of the time, several twists and turns for the first 2/3 of the journey, clear water, a "waterfall" where an old sawmill exists, flowers, neat dragonflies, moderate current.  We launched at about 10 AM, and since there were no mishaps, we were at the takeout by 12:15.
Thanks to Marv for the shuttle service.

Everyone was experienced, so that even when we had to "thread a needle" through a series of downed trees, we got through fairly quickly.  Lots of time for conversation.

It was Jocelyn's first trip without our beloved Max along, and we missed his perky white head peeking out above her gunwales.  For Donna and Tom, it was their first Betsie trip, so it was fun to see how excited they were about knowing about a river so close to home.  Gerald and Susan live really nearby, so they could point out all the highlights.  Marlene looked so sleek in her little Santee.  And John took up the rear to make sure the troops got downstream safely.

Actually, the most difficult part of the trip for me was trying to back up with the kayak trailer at the takeout parking area.  Thanks to Gerry for coaching me through it!  After that, any maneuvering I had to do in my boat was a piece of cake!

Most of us got together for lunch afterwards at Papa J's in Honor.  A great trip!

Report by Lois, photos by John & Jocelyn