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Trip Reports

May 29 Pine River - Dobson to Low

Kathleen Imre  | Published on 5/29/2020

Note from Lois, the trip host: I asked for a volunteer to write up a short report about the trip, and Kathleen Imre eagerly came forward; she is a true wordsmith! Photos by John & Jocelyn

A Pine River Limerick


There once was a river named Pine,

When paddled is simply divine.

Sue, Lois, John, Harold

Kath, Jocelyn, Tom, Gerald,

Woody, though, had to decline.


At Dobson we unloaded gear

Under skies that were starting to clear.

We drove down to Low,

With Mark Miltner in tow,

To which Safe-Distancing we all adhered!


This week there were whole days that rained.

And the Pine was the place where it drained.

Jake and Mark cleared felled trees.

And this guarantees

That a passage was always maintained.  (Almost!)


On this river where nature abounds

The birdsong was always around.

Seeing mother Wood Duck

Was a good bit of luck.

And the mink in the eddy astounds!


At Peterson we each had a snack

To recharge us before heading back,

To the river so quick,

With channels to pick,

And current that never was slack.


One paddler did have a flip

Where a tree had decided to tip.

Although he got tossed

No gear was lost

And we safely continued our trip.


I think it’s quite safe to say

That we all had a great paddling day

On the river called Pine.

It’s a favorite of mine!

A place where good paddlers can play!

Everyone wearing masks and spreading out

Harold showing how light his boat is







Harold prepares to duck - he made it through