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Trip Reports

July 8 Sturgeon River

Paul Wilkins  | Published on 7/8/2020

Narrative by Paul, photos by Paul, John and Jocelyn

Lois ordered up the perfect weather day for an enjoyable paddle on the Sturgeon River – blue sky, lots of sun and warm temperature. The group expanded from eight to ten people: Jackie, Sara, Ron, Lois, John, Kathleen, Roseanne, Tracie, Jocelyn and Paul. The spring-fed stream maintained a steady current despite not having recent rains. The first half of the river was swift with tight turns. A few people took an occasion swim break to wet their shirts to help cool off.

Roseanne goes under Scott Road Bridge

Paul goes under Scott Road Bridge
Paul goes under Scott Road Bridge

Jackie goes under Scott Road Bridge

A local jumps off of Scott Road Bridge (not recommended!)


Paul and Kathleen


Jackie and Kathleen

Our lunch break was at the old railroad bridge. Best use of shade and social distancing had the group split up into the East-side Lunchers and West-side Lunchers with the river in-between. (two photos provided by Paul)

West-side Luncher, Sara was the only person to jump off the deck for a swim at the lunch break. Despite challenges, no one from our group attempted a swing on the rope under the bridge. Maybe next time?

The second half of the river involved a few tight passages between log jams. The paddle through the tunnel of old growth cedar trees was as beautiful! While under the old growth cedars we would have an occasional and welcome – cool breeze.

Solo canoeists – Sara, Lois and Jocelyn gracefully maneuvered their craft through the tights turns. (Lois accomplished her self-imposed goal of less than four 360’s.) Jackie, Ron and Tracie looked to enjoy a comfortable trip in their identical – triplet kayaks. Kathleen darted between obstacles with ease. Roseanne and John masterfully negotiated the narrow passages. John also enjoyed several opportunities to use his camera. Paul enjoyed the opportunity to revisit this stretch of the river.

Jocelyn and Roseanne

The mystery plant (best guess is water hemlock) included the Covid-19 Plant. (photo provided by Jocelyn)


Many thanks to Lois for organizing this wonderful trip.