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Trip Reports

July 26 Early Morning from Forks to BBL

Lois Goldstein  | Published on 7/26/2020
I had done this trip alone on July 4, and when I was finished that day, both parking lots were filled.  Not so today, although it was just as warm out, with our starting temp in the mid-70s and ending in the mid-80s.  Everyone was on time and ready to go when we began launching at 7:59 AM.  My hubby John didn't want to get up quite as early, but he was there to help with the shuttle when we took out just before 11 AM.

People: me (Lois), Jocelyn, Mike R, Cyndi & Terry, Kathleen, Henry, Roseanne, John L  Everyone was very helpful when it came to hauling boats, which was especially appreciated at the end, when you have to schlep everything up the stairs to the parking area.

We saw lots of wildflowers, and sneaked up on a great blue heron.  I encountered a doe and fawn on Williamsburg Road on my way to the put-in.  We also met up with other TAPC members: Tracie and Ruby at our break at the horse campground crossing (when we had a little bit of rain - not worthy of raingear), plus Jackie and Ron at his new house a bit downstream from Scheck's.

The nicest thing about this trip was being with some people who had not seen the reconstructed river since the dam was taken out in 2012.  The amount of foliage that has taken over the landscape is truly astonishing.  It's a natural river now, and we love taking care of it.  A few of us picked up a little bit of trash; in general, the river looks great! 

Photos by Jocelyn

Waiting for the others to launch

Roseanne (and Mike's butt)

TAPC president Tracie and her horse Ruby

Our break at the horse camp crossing (with Cyndi) before the raindrops fell