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Trip Reports

July 25- Bear Creek

Ron Coyne  | Published on 7/25/2020
Bear Creek as told by the group: Photos by Jocelyn and Glenn

Jackie Anderson- It was by far the most beautiful river I've been on yet . Poor baby ducks beware of those hungry Eagles.

Mike Rodenberg- The Bear Creek paddle was a first time event for most participants (Linnaea did it in July).  This was a fun body of water.  It wasn't fast and deep exciting, but it had lots of twists, turns and obstacles to keep us on our toes.  There was plenty of water for this paddle.  New passageways through several log jams made it easier for us to maneuver through.  The paddle upstream on the Manistee River to get to the take out spot was a little work at the end.  The trip is definitely a do over though.


This stretch of Bear Creek felt very remote.  We saw no man made structures from start to finish.   It was more like a small river than what I consider a creek.  Although we did have to paddle through some channels that got as narrow as about 6 feet wide, with tall grass, well over our heads, on either side.  We did see some wildlife, other than a group member whose name starts with Glenn.  I'm sure others will comment as well, but the eagle sitting was pretty unique.  It stayed in a tree in full view of the group, even while Jackie kept yelling at it to "Leave that baby duck alone!"  It was a good group and everyone enjoyed our time on this stream.

Jocelyn Trepte- remote, shaded, and braided in spots -- now goes on my list of very favorites

Ruth Reddy - 
I would like to say it was as adventurous as billed and such a beautiful paddle through the Bear Creek watershed. I enjoyed the group and was happy to help with the clean up along the way.  I hope to see everyone on future paddling trips.

Glenn Bier- Beautiful - I got the rest beat I saw a Brethren Bobcat...

Linnaea Melcarek- Awesome trip, a definite redo. Next time maybe we should take out at the bridge and walk the path across it high boots rather than paddle the half mile upstream

Ron- Living proof your soul lies in nature

Linnaea- Are you sure about this

Jackie- shoo you Darn Eagle leave that baby duck alone

Mike and Ruth Reddy- Good last name for her always ready to help

Jackie- I can hear you Mr. Eagle

Glenn- Master of the clean up remove another piece of man made crap from the river

Linnaea, Mike and Jocelyn Conqueror of the log jam

Mr. Eagle- I'm waiting for that Jackie woman to leave little Ducky