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Trip Reports

Pickerel Creek 8-20-2020

Linnaea Melcarek | Published on 8/20/2020

As far as I know, this is the first time the club has paddled this section of river. Pickerel Creek is a tributary of the Betsie River, accessed not far upstream from Grass Lake Dam, and more or less right across the river from Grass Lake Creek (the creek that leads to Grass Lake). We had seven intrepid souls ready for adventure! We paddled 8 miles--4 miles up and 4 miles back, going over two beaver dams and through two small lakes (Twin Lake and Upper Twin Lake) along the way. The winds were a bit gusty, but not enough to derail our adventure. I'll let the photos tell the story from here on out.

Setting off on our journey, paddling upstream on the Betsie River from Grass Lake Campground.


Linnaea helping others get over the first beaver dam.

Successfully above the beaver dam and ready to continue up the creek!

Mitch balancing on a log.

Beautiful Pickerel Creek.

What, another beaver dam? This one we were able to just bump over. Jackie has no trouble.

Neither does Susan.

We all struggled getting through the heavy lily pads in some parts.

Coming back, going down the beaver dam was much easier. We were able to slide right down (with a little extra scooching). Marlene does it without difficulty.

However, Mitch, because of the length of his canoe, has a little trouble. Nothing he can't handle though.

Glenn approaching the beaver dam at ramming speed! Our activity has opened up the dam a bit. The beavers will have fun putting it back the way it was.