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Trip Reports

October 10, Manistee, Baxter to Harvey

Glenn Bier  | Published on 10/10/2020

Scarlet & Lemon Seductress

(BIG) Manistee River, Baxter to Harvey

Twelve elvish explorers and eleven elven arks.  Lois Goldstein and John Heiam, attending, tendered the trip, then tended their tandem transportation.  Jacalyn Anderson, James Cooper, Ronald Coyne, Cynthia Dickey, Terry Dickey, Kathleen Imre, Tom Lipps, Marlene Puska, Donna Steinebach, and me, Glenn Bier, rounded out our experienced paddling group.

Crimson wine, saffron and gold, splashed upon emerald-pastoral easels of azure oceans - these pleasures of golden flax, copper-magentas, and russet burgundies.  All these, bathed in amber incandescence, awaited our troupe, enchanted.

Prior to launching, however, John and Lois spoke, directly, to several persons of our tribe.  "Don't leave anyone behind."

Because of their paddling prowess and role as trip leaders, Lois and John are perfectly aware that many beginning paddlers and most intermediate paddlers can successfully navigate the lower Manistee's pushy current and high volume.  Our paddling club, however, "runs" a seasoned "sweep" (last person down the river), with readied throw bag, in these fast, deep river sections.  Additionally, our next-to-last paddlers remain close so that everyone maintains a river buddy.  Pfd's are zipped in this fast water.

At the put-in, James Cooper had introduced himself to me and Jackie as "Jim."  Jim stayed back with Jackie, Marlene, and me much of the way to our lunch stop on "river right."  Cynthia and Terry had also stayed with us for a time - they had put in with the last paddlers.  As miles progressed, however, the Dickey's moved steadily ahead.

Above, the brilliant, cobalt-sapphire panorama became salted with milky, cotton whites.  Garnet magenta, flaxen amber, and olive-sage topiary, however, confined all senses, and our blue planet's radiant yellow orb challenged our sight.

The Manistee is home to numerous high, sandy banks - tall, but eroded from years of water, weather, and walkers.  They are, however, still incredibly beautiful, and challenge the brightly colored vistas in magnificence.

John and Lois stayed up front with Kathleen and Ron, finding an excellent lunch stop.  Tom and Donna were somewhere in the middle prior to lunch, and, after eating, Donna led much of the way.

After numerous river miles, several adventurers startled two trumpeter swans and witnessed one of the season's holdout turtles.  We also picked some glass bottles off the river and spoke with other paddlers and river residents.

Twenty miles is a long way, but the majestic views make it worth our while, each year.  Many thanks to this outing's participants and to Lois Goldstein for hosting this magical journey.

Photos by John, Donna, and Kathleen

Lois leads the way down the river

Tom goes to scout what is around the next bend.



Tom and Ron



Lois and Donna

Glenn employing social distancing techniques at lunch

Indian trail between Traverse City and Cadillac

Indian trail between Traverse City and Cadillac 

John & Lois and Glenn

Tom, Donna, and Jim