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Trip Reports

May 29 Upper Pine River

Mike Rodenberg  | Published on 5/29/2021

Perfect Day on the Upper Pine. 
Report by Mike Rodenberg; photos by Jocelyn Trepte and John Heiam

Today was a typical well organized Lois & John trip.  We had a full complement of 10 paddlers - Lois & John, Pam & Harold, Jackie, Ron, Sara, Brad, Jocelyn, and Mike. And everyone was ready to shuttle before the designated time.  I like to count boats, so we had five kayaks, a custom Lassers Wee Lassie,  and the Four Vagabonds (solo canoes).  It was a beautiful day.  A bit cool at the start, not yet out of the 40s, but we had full sun all day and the temps did get into the 60s. 

The section of the Pine River from Briarpatch to Walker Bridge is just a great paddle.  It feels very wilderness-like, with enough riffles and rocks to hold your attention.  There were still wildflowers to be seen on the banks along the river.  The first half of the trip we had the river to ourselves.  After lunch we did paddle through a group of folks from Lansing.  Considering this is Memorial Day weekend, there was little traffic.  It was an uneventful trip, and no-one took a dip.  A few pieces of trash did end up in Jocelyn's canoe.  The group was blessed with the quote of the day as everyone was loading up for the drive home.  Brad walked up to the group and questioned, "Does anyone else have a wet butt?".  Apparently, enough moisture magically, or at least mysteriously, ended up in his boat to get the seat wet.  No definitive explanation was shared.  Everyone else just rolled their eyes.  Great, fun paddle on a terrific stretch of scenic river.

Lois had asked Mark Miltner to handle the shuttle, and he was glad to see John at the launch spot.  Fist bumps. Notice that we are wearing jackets and winter hats!  June is rolling around in three days!

Getting ready to launch

Mike - the ultimate sweep - gingerly hauling his canoe after Jocelyn begins paddling.
Photo taken by Sara

John in his cab driver hat

Lois near the start









Heading downstream (Lois, Pam and Jackie)

Lunchtime shots at Skookum - John, Jackie, Lois, Ron & Sara

Mike, Sara, Brad

At the "back door" of Skookum: Pam, Sara, Brad

Tiger Swallowtails, mass of tree roots

Jackie, Ron, Lois

Aspen buds against a blue sky

Takeout at Miltner house