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Trip Reports

June 2 Boardman - Brown Bridge Landing to Beitner

Lois Goldstein  | Published on 6/2/2021
Kathy, Marlene and I spent a delightful afternoon on the Boardman from BBL to Beitner.  Marv helped with the shuttle, and we took Garfield to Sleights Road to avoid the reconstruction on the River Road bridges.  We did see actual work going on as we paddled underneath each one.  The water level was perfect, so we could slip under all the bridges, but miss the gravel bars (except once).

Sorry we didn't take any photos; we were too busy chatting and spotting wildlife.  A trio was a perfect combo so that we could all share in every conversation.  We saw a few pieces of trash that will undoubtedly get picked up later this month.

By far, the neatest part of today's outing was the wildlife sightings.  There was one large goose family which contained about a dozen goslings, and the four adults in the group all turned away to face the shoreline as we paddled by.  It was as if they were thinking, "Gee, if I don't look at them, then I bet they won't see me!"

We also had a merganser escort for the first hour or so.  But the neatest thing was a visit from a baby fawn, which just looked at us for quite a while, long enough for us all to eddy out and watch for several minutes.  Very cool.

A lovely afternoon, and so close to home!