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Trip Reports

June 14, 2021 - BRCS - Schecks To BBL

Norm R Fred  | Published on 6/14/2021
June 14, 2021
BRCS - Schecks To Brownbridge Landing

Today we did 40% of the annual Boardman River Clean Sweep event.

I led an upstream group from Schecks Landing to the Brownbridge Landing.

Ann Riechert and Jim Batsakis led another group from Shumsky Landing to Bietner Landing.

There is only one more section to do in the Upper Boardman and then we are done
until Cherry Festival when we will do a cleanup downtown to complete the project.

The river was remarkably clean and 7 of us found only 1/2 a bag of trash and one
plastic garden chair.

This type of chair is a common one that we find very often. I am not sure why but
I think it's because it is cheap so it gets chosen often and it is light and the wind
takes it into the river from private properties.

Glenn showed up with his brother Ken to return my marine radio he had from the Betsie on Saturday and to show us what he had salvaged from his work on the Betsie. THANK GOD the Boardman is not like the Betsie.

If the DNR let Salmon and Steelhead into the Boardman, it surely will be.
We pray they decide against it.

Here are the photos from today:

Respectfully Submitted:
Norm Fred