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Trip Reports

August 10 Manistee, Sharon to M-66

Matt & Gracie  | Published on 8/10/2021

Report by Grace Failor, who just graduated from Grand Valley and is heading to graduate school at George Washington U for a masters in public health administration

After months of trying to coordinate work schedules, we (Gracie and Matt Failor) finally found a date for our annual canoe trip with Lois and John. On Tuesday, we were finally able to take a trip on the Manistee River from Sharon Rd. to M-66. Our group of four was joined by Marlene, Deena, Tom, Donna, Angie and John. As we were driving out towards the Manistee, a thick fog covered the road making us a little concerned about rain on the river. We got to the put-in, unloaded the boats and ran the shuttle (thanks Marv). It was misting as we waited and during the first several hours of the trip. However, the cool mist was refreshing after several days of heat!


Gracie started with Lois, and Matt with John in two tandem canoes. The first portion of the trip was rather uneventful, although we saw several animals like a heron, eagle and turtles. We also saw two deer right on the edge of the bank watching us paddle by! By the time we stopped for lunch, the sun had begun to come out which led to us all digging for our sunglasses. After lunch, Deena led the pack in heading back down the river. However, when she went to paddle, she didn’t move. Her boat was still tied to the brush!


After that, we were back on our way down river. The sun came out for our last hour or so, helping us finish the paddle ahead of schedule. When we arrived back on land, Marv, who was picking up Marlene, caught us up on the news that Cuomo (the governor of NY) had resigned while we were out. After loading up the boats and saying goodbye to everyone, Lois, John and we headed to our traditional ice cream stop in Fife Lake where we ran into Tom and Donna! Then we headed home, where Matt immediately took a 2-hour nap which he needed! We are always happy to get a chance to paddle and today was another great day on the river! Thanks Traverse Area Paddle Club!

Photos by John Heiam
Angie, Marlene and Deena

John W., Donna, and Tom

Lois and Matt

John and Gracie