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Trip Reports

August 15 Upper Manistee

Lois Goldstein  | Published on 8/15/2021
Attending were John & Lois, Harold & Pam, Jocelyn, Mike and Marlene.  Thanks to Marv for the shuttle.  Put-in at C-38 (Mancelona Road), take-out at Cameron Bridge Road.  A long day due to lumberjack work.

Photos by John H. & Jocelyn

The put-in is not an official access. It is just a spot along C-38 where an unnamed. creek goes under the road

The "creek" is one of the major feeders streams that becomes the Manistee River. When you first see this stream you might wonder why more people don't paddle this stretch.

This stream is quite inviting.

The water quality is superb. Lois

Turtlehead, and Grass of Parnassus 

We encountered 6 beaver dams. Harold and Mike

We also encountered several major blockages that we had to rearrange. We always leave all woody debris in the stream. Lois, Mike, John

Several blockages required 20 - 30 minutes to negotiate. That is why you don't see many people on this stretch of river. Harold and John

Coordinating our efforts- Mike, Harold, John

The lunch spot is almost three hours from the put-in. (John, Lois, Pam, Harold, Marlene, Mike)

How to make it over a beaver dam. (Harold, Mike, Pam, Lois, Marlene)

We also encountered downed trees that tested our skills. (Marlene, John, Pam)

I'm not sure how long this video will be available, but it's hysterical!